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City Edge developments is established Between New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) And Housing And Development Bank (HDB).

CEO Message

Mr. Mohamed Eldahan Chief Executive Officer of City Edge Developments

City Edge Developments’ success is realized through having a clear vision for our future, while developing our present through a commitment towards building value through premium-quality projects across Egypt. We move towards our objectives through planning every step we take, while consistently operating in key sectors that achieve good returns for our investors; ultimately attaining a fast-growing customer base and leaving a mark on the nation’s most significant projects.

Our vision

To become recognized for providing sustainable value in all our communities and managing the mega projects in a way that reflects Egypt's vision. We aim not only to enrich the life of our communities and employees, but also to provide our stakeholders with a great return on their investment. Be the frontrunner.

Our Mission

City Edge Developments aims to pioneer in improving people's lives  by incorporating innovative value added solutions in the areas we master develop and manage and by delivering sustainable living spaces to people. Our focus is the future; we work with our people, partners and shareholders to deliver sustainable performance, driven by our values.

Our Values



New Urban Communities Authority

Founded in 1979, with affiliation to the Ministry of Housing, NUCA is the state’s urban planner, with aims at shifting the center of living away from the Capital extending the axis into the new suburbs to create wider possibilities for living. Owning the largest land bank in the country, NUCA is responsible for the creation of numerous residential, housing and industrial projects, in addition to infrastructure development and investment affiliations.

Housing & Development Bank

Established 35 years ago, in 1979, Egypt’s Housing and Development Bank (HDB) is a progressive commercial bank with a clear real estate flavor specialized in financing housing projects across urban communities and North Coast resorts. With its solidified reputation and extensive experience in providing a full range housing and property development services, HDB’s Real Estate Projects continue to be key at increasing client base and performance. With direct and indirect ownership positions in 14 subsidiaries and sister companies and a total of EGP 1,275 million, HBD ownership ranges from 16% to 92% and activities span from real estate development and mortgage financing to property management services and insurance development and investment affiliations.