A concept driven from the belief that nature and cities can coexist, Etapa is bringing a new residential theory with an authentic vision to the real estate scene in Sheikh Zayed City. A new living concept that responds to those submerged in the daily modern life and their innate craving to immerse themselves into the physical beauty and the inherent unity of the natural world.

Inspired in belief that cities and nature can co-exist; Etapa brings nature and the city together through innovative urban planning, unique architecture styles and smart design choices. In the heart of Sheikh Zayed with 77 feddan of mesmerizing green open spaces are elevated over a 22-meter high platform granting a community with awe-inspiring views of the city.

The project is named after the Spanish word Etapa which means stages inspired from the land elevation.




Grand Villa
Townhouse Corner
Townhouse Middle
Twin Villa
Duplex Second Floor Apartment
Mansio Villa
Mansio Villa – Second Floor Apartment
Duplex 1-4
Duplex 2-3


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