Learn more about the opportunities that await you upon joining City EdgeDevelopment’s Graduate Programme.


• 2 months intensive development programme, tailored to enabling you to be part of City Edge Developments future leaders.
• Challenging and substantial responsibilities from your very first entry into the business.
• A tailored development programme, highly valued across the real estate industry.
• Working for Egypt’s national leading real estate developer.
• Excellent exposure to the challenges in your chosen field.

A challenging and exciting career:

Every step of the way, we will support you through a combination of tailored training, informal on-the-job learning, regular check-ins, and inspiring mentors. You will always have opportunities to develop and grow. Above all, we will help you nurture rock solid foundations for a challenging and exciting career in Sales.

Formal training:

To enhance your practical training, you will be enrolled onto formal learning courses specific to your area of expertise. They may include offsite or onsite learning, with accreditations at societies or qualifications, depending on your chosen discipline.

Progress checks:

You will receive regular formal progress checks to ensure we are doing everything we can to support your learning journey.

End-of-program assessment:

You will be given the chance to demonstrate your new skills and commercial knowledge through an assignment before completing the programme.

Why join City Edge Developments?

• Strong rewards packages: City Edge Development offers compensation packages considered to be among the best in Egypt’s real estate sector.

• Make an impact: You will look forward to a purpose-driven career at City Edge Development.The work you do could play a role in making a positive impact on both yourself, and the company.

• Explore a world of opportunities and propel your career at City Edge Development.

• We are one team: we will guarantee you get the best-in-class real estate experience.

Entry requirements

- 2019/2018’s fresh graduates from reputable universities
- A strong academic record, with a minimum GPA of B
- Full professional / native / bilingual proficiency in English
- MS Office working proficiency
- Leaders who are passionate to make things happen
- Bringing creativity & innovation to work
- Strong analytical thinking and skills

Assessment Criteria

Throughout the application and assessment process, you’ll be assessed using the following three criteria, which we call the CAR criteria:


To see how well you absorb information, analyze problems, make fact-based decisions, and propose innovative solutions.


To assess how you get things done, for example your drive, resilience, self-confidence, and organizational skills.


To look at how well you work in teams, communicate and respect others.


  • Online Application
  • Online Assessments

    Following up on the video submission, you’ll be asked to complete three online assessments. Altogether this will take about 50 minutes and will need to be completedwithin 2 days of receiving the assessment invite.

    Online Assessment 1: Numerical Reasoning Test

    This will measure your numerical ability. It will be a timed test that consists of 15questions and you will have 15 minutes to complete them.

    Online Assessment 2: Verbal Reasoning Assessment

    This will measure your verbal reasoning ability. It will be a timed test that consists of 20 questions and you will have 15 minutes to complete them.

    Online Assessment 3: Complete Personality Profile

    This will measures key personality traits and behavioral dispositions. It will not be a timed test and it consists of 180 questions with average of completion is 20 minutes.

  • Face-to-face Interview

    This is the last assessment stage. It consists of Face-to-face interview at CED. It is where you have the chance to get to know us, and for us to get to know you better.