Expand your business within Etapa Square!

ETAPA SQUARE A fully integrated Commercial Space

Etapa Square provides a stunning location in the middle of Sheikh Zayed City. Etapa’s land levels also provide amazing views where exceptional lifestyles are a reality.

Etapa Square is a mixed use project that includes Business District, Mall, Medical Center, Hotel, Sky Oasis, Family Entertainment Center (FEC) and Market Place, all intergrated by an innovative conept. On top of Zayed’s City Plateau, Etapa Square is located on a unique site with exceptional topography.

The project’s architecture identity is inspired by fragment forms of natural rocks and stones found around the site in irregular patterns, as well as those adjacent to the ancient plateau.

The design creates a geometrical rhythm of similar and different interlocking rock forms, creating a cohesive composition inspired by the actual geological process that shapes rocks in nature.